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Oct 15

8 Lovies picked up at Lovies Awards 2014

Loving the fact that hard work from last year won a big haul of awards.

3 Golds. 2 Silvers. 3 People’s Lovies.

Get in.

Sep 22


Great to see my work from last year pick up 5 BIMA AWARDS.

Big shout out to the old team and well done all.

Sep 08

Kinsale Sharks - Digital -

Great to be Chair of Digital for the Kinsale Sharks with such talent folks. Looking forward to rewarding the great work this Saturday. Can’t believe these awards have been going for 52 years.

Jul 04

Who’s that strange guy doing the last page rant in The Drum magazine.

Who’s that strange guy doing the last page rant in The Drum magazine.

Apr 22

Finalist in 2014 New York International Advertising Awards

Great to see work get shortlisted. Cheers NYFA.

Apr 15

Nescafé campaign wins March’s Creative Showcase Awards | IAB UK -

Thanks IAB - love you guys too.

Give a shit, folks - My take on Advertising Week Europe

On #AWEurope.

This year’s Advertising Week Europe was a polarizing experience from my point of view. Some good talks were found but a lot of others felt like loosely camouflaged sales pitches, which is a shame. Then worse still, there were a few talks, mostly around social media, content and mobile, where I feared that my brain would explode with irritation if I heard another person camouflaging the substance of their discussion with the cloak of bullshit buzzwords to hide the fact they had nothing new to say.

But if you did attend this year’s event, the one talk you certainly shouldn’t have missed was the ANDY’s session featuring some titans of advertising.

This was a session that didn’t have or need any embellished bullshit buzzwords to make it feel innovative (Oh no, ‘innovation’ the most overused of all buzzwords – shoot me quick).

This was a talk instead about a single and powerful word.

A word that is often overlooked in our industry in this age of micro accountability.


And indeed who better to deliver on this heroic subject but four of the most courageous admen of our time. The panel included David Droga, Steve Henry, Sir John Hegarty and Dave Trott – Boom!. Four creative Titans that have proven bravery with their work across a number of decades, and inspiring many a creative, including myself.

I cant possible do full credit to the discussion and share all their wisdom but three points really stood out in my mind.

The first important was about sticking to principles. Remember that word?

In our industry, principles are not fashionable. Maybe they have never been fashionable? Let’s be honest with ourselves - the outside world sees what we do as a bullshit industry of ego manic, flog anything types that would advertise their grandmothers if they had half the chance. One step up from estate agents, hey! And in my time I have worked with people that do fit those awful stereotypes. The sort of people who give more of a shit about revenue than the actual work we create.

And that’s the point in a nutshell. Give a shit, folks! As Droga said: “For me, bravery is putting your beliefs ahead of self-preservation. Do what you think is right, not what is expected. It’s about putting your beliefs ahead of self-preservation.”

We are in an “amazing industry” according to the panelists and need to care more about what we are creating. People who aren’t in this industry for the work they believe in shouldn’t been in it. Staying true to your personal principles puts you firmly on the road to bravery.

The second point I got out of the talk was around trust. Trust built with clients and trusting in others to help create a culture for bravery to thrive. As Dave Trott pointed out the big bang all starts with the account person (How true!). The account person or suit needs to build a climate of trust from the start to allow bravery to flourish. His frustration was expressed in the lack of proper account men these days (I so agree), people who have enough about them to say no to clients for the right reasons or who can make a creative feel that working at 2am in the morning is going to be worthwhile. What happened to those good account guys? The ones Dave Trott described as those who would recall tales about how they got clients to buy ideas in the same way a spitfire pilot would talk about a winning dogfight.

The third point: don’t refer to your work as brave or risky. Instead of asking clients to be brave or buy brave work ask instead for them to buy exciting work. As Sir John explained: You don’t want to drive a risky car, have a risky meal, fly on a risky plane. Who wants that? Substitute brave or risk with the word exciting and it feels more..Exciting. And we all want a bit of that, be it agency or clients.

So thanks Advertising Week and also credit to the ANDYs. An American advertising institution in itself that has been a major player in rewarding those that goes beyond the norm for over 50 years to date. An institution that could easily justify its right to bring this cast to the stage in London to talk about the platform of bravery that they’re using to celebrate 50 years of creativity in advertising.

I hope it has inspired at least one member of that audience to believe in themselves more and become more brave…or exciting.

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Mar 04

Samsung Mobile making waves at the Oscars with selfie power.

Samsung Mobile making waves at the Oscars with selfie power.

Feb 28

Our new Xbox Ruud Campaign is getting lots of buzz.

Xbox Campaign with Ruud is making a big splash. Lots of coverage. Check it out:

and tons more…. Way to go Ruud!

Jan 21

5 Minutes with… Wayne Deakin | LBBOnline -

The Engine Group and Jam ECD talks real-time creativity, craft and cognitive psychology - See more at: